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Get started with Decipad

Decipad is an interactive notebook where you can create and explain calculations, empowering you to make better decisions with numbers.
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Drag and Drop! Build models faster

The drag and drop feature in Decipad allows you to easily organize and manipulate your data to do calculations and explain results.
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Create Tables on Decipad

Tables help you organize your numbers and create quick calculations.
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Explore data with Data Views

Data views are a quick and easy way to create summarized snapshots from a table to help you present meaningful insights.
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Number Units

Add context to your calculations with units.
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Decipad Embeds

Embed your notebook to make your pages and documents interactive.
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Code Integrations

Run custom javascript code inside your notebooks to fetch data.
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SQL Integrations

Run custom SQL queries inside your notebooks to fetch data.
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API Secret Keys

Setup API secret keys on your workspace to ensure secure access to your keys by restricting unauthorized users.

Step-by-Step Guides

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Apple Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation

Learn how to create your own DCF model on Decipad using Apple's ($AAPL) stock as an example.
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A tiered rate sales commission plan on Decipad

Create interactive commission plans to help your sales team understand their variable compensation better.

Live Demos

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Talking Numbers #1: The Future of Numbers Beyond Spreadsheets

Learn how to build an interactive bussiness model on Decipad and get to know our latest features: data integrations and AI-assisted narratives.