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Inline Results

Inline Results allow you to embed calculation results within your text, helping you explain your numbers. They are dynamic and automatically update when you make changes to your notebook.

There are several ways to create Inline Results:

  1. Creating Inline Results with the = Shortcut

    • You can embed any number or calculation within a sentence by using the = shortcut. Simply press the = key, and a formula bar will appear. Type your calculation, and the result will be embedded in your text.
  2. Drag & Drop Inline Results from the Number's Catalog

    • You can easily embed any value from the number's catalog on the left side of your notebook. Just click and hold the button that appears when you hover over a number, and drop it onto your text.
  3. Drag & Drop Inline Results from Data Views

    • To embed aggregations from a Data View into your text, click and hold any result and drop it into any paragraph.
  4. Drag & Drop Inline Results from Column Results

    • You can drag any calculation result and embed it into your text. Click and hold the result on the right side of your calculation, and drop it onto any paragraph.

Editing Inline Results

To edit an inline number derived from a calculation, click on it to open the formula bar for editing. Any changes made will be reflected once you exit edit mode.

Please note that some inline results cannot be edited. Inline results created by dragging results from Data Views or Column Results only display their formula and cannot be edited, only deleted.