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Data Views

Data views allow you to create summarized snapshots from a table, making it easy to present meaningful insights.

Create a Data View

1. Add a new data view

  • To add a data view from a table, click the Pivot view button on the top right of any table, and a data view will be added below.
  • Alternatively, you can manually create a data view by typing /data on a new line and selecting Data View. Use the Source menu to connect it to any table.

Data Views Demo

2. Build your data view by adding columns

  • Use the + button to add columns of data that you want to showcase.
  • Drag the columns to rearrange their order or remove them as needed.
  • The order of your columns shapes the data view and determines how repeated values are nested together.

Data Views Demo

3. Aggregate information

  • Click the down triangle button on a column and select an operation from the Aggregate menu.
  • This allows you to add new rows with totals for any group of information.

Data Views Demo

4. Reuse data from a view with drag and drop

  • Hover over a result in the data view until your pointer turns into a hand.
  • Drag the number into your text or any calculation block to use it.

Data Views Demo

5. Live Updates

  • Data views automatically sync and reflect changes made to the source table.
  • This ensures that your data views are always up to date with the latest information.

Notebook Examples

Explore Notebooks that take advantage of Data Views to present quick insights.